Acne Scar Laser Treatment

Acne scars are even more unpleasant than acne! No matter you have raised (hypertrophic) or depressed (atrophic) acne scars, you find it more difficult to treat. They cause a lot of emotional trauma and lower down your level of confidence.

If you are also tensed by the flat, brownish acne spots left behind by acne, get our Laser treatment today! It is a non-surgical procedure in which laser/light equipment are used to treat the acne scars.

What happens during Laser treatment for pimples?

When the laser rays are penetrated through the skin area to be treated, it excites the porphyrins, which effectively kills the bacteria causing acne as well as reduce the levels of sebum (skin oil). This reduces the symptoms of acne, and so you find improvements in your skin condition. To know further about this pimple treatment, consult with our doctors!

What will be the results obtained?

You will find improvement in your acne-affected skin with each session of this acne treatment, and at last a clear and rejuvenated skin. And since this procedure works from inside out without bleeding or any kind of infection, you will find the results soon.

How many laser acne treatments are required?

Our dermatologists recommend the patients to undergo at least 4-5 sessions with each at an interval of 4 weeks. You will notice improvement in your appearance after every single laser acne treatment, depending on the type of scarring and skin type you have.

How much does laser scar removal treatment cost?

The cost of Acne scar laser treatment depends on numerous factors like the nature and extent of scarring, the number of sessions required, the devices used, the experience of the dermatologists, etc.

At DermaClinix, we strive to provide excellent services at the best price. To get the best acne scar removal treatment in Delhi, get in touch with us today!