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Dermaroller has reached much popularity in the world as the simplest method to treat your scars (especially Acne Scars). It is a simple and safe method to get a smooth, healthy, glossy and young-looking skin.

Even though it is a great method of skin rejuvenation and of course, an alternative to the surgery methods, it is less followed by people in certain places just because of some humor spreading in the market.

Here are a few myths related to this Dermaroller and the reality behind them.

• DermaRolling should not be practiced at home by yourself!
This is just another misconception popular in the world! It is good to get the dermarolling from the professional but is equally profitable to practice at home. Actually, the professionals in beauty salons and best clinics in Delhi or other areas across the world offer a set of 4-6 rolling treatments which are expensive and mostly not enough to get the drastic change you wish to have in your skin.

• It is extremely painful if you do not apply numbing cream!
This is not true in all cases! Some people are more physically sensitive than others and so cannot bear any pain. For them, it is advised to use a numbing cream. You can even apply an ice pack to minimize the discomfort. Otherwise, the pain is tolerable.

• DermaRolling is unsuccessful without the use of Vitamin C, E or Copper Peptide Serum.
DermaRolling is efficient to trigger collagen induction, but some people recommend using topicals for better results. There is still a debate whether topical actually help to enhance the outcomes or not. So, it is up to you whether to use serum or not. In case you wish to use one, try to use only products that are specially designed for skin needling. Consult the best dermatologists in Delhi or other regions across the world to know more!

• There is just one and only one authentic Derma roller!
There are unlimited brands of rollers on the market. All seems to be different and better than the other, but all work similarly. So, when you buy a Skin needling roller in Delhi or any other place in the world, just go for a product made by well-known, reliable and FDA or CEE-approved company.

• It is not possible to use a 0.5mm roller at home!
Many companies sell 0.2mm roller only since they claim that it is not good to use a 0.5 mm roller on your own. That has to be used by a trained dermatologist in Delhi or other areas around the world only. It is completely false! Several individuals use 0.2mm needle at home each day without any issue.

So, what is your point of view now? Are you still following such myths? If yes, then visit DermaClinix.

DermaClinix is an advanced hair and skin clinic in Delhi NCR. The surgeons at DermaClinix are the best & experienced dermatologists in Delhi and use ‘state-of-the-art’ techniques to provide you excellent services of Microneedling (DermaRoller), a technique used to stimulate the skin so as to reinforce and repair itself naturally and safely.

Myths Stopping You from Using DermaRollers!
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    My facial hair was annoying,, i was tired of using different waxing & shaving,, so finally i switch to dermaclinix and after the 3 sessions only i got amazing results,, Dermaclinix & the team worked very well..