Thousands of people visit the dermatologists each day to find a solution to their Skin problems. They look forward to find a way to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines & other such conditions that ruins your flawless skin.


There are a number of skin treatments in Delhi or other regions of the world. One of these treatments is PhotoFacial treatment.

PhotoFacial treatment:

PhotoFacial is a more established and successful method of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. A Photofacial treatment is a useful and painless treatment for almost every skin type. This skin rejuvenation treatment is suffice to remove different skin blemishes from your body such as:

• Discoloration from sun spots, freckles and age spots
• Superficial wrinkles and skin tags
• Brown and red spots
• Extra glands
• Irritating tiny spider veins

IPL Photofacial is an ideal skin treatment that involves a non-ablative laser that act on discolored patches and dark spots from acne scarring. The procedure seems like the mild snapping of a rubber band against your skin.

Working of PhotoFacial:

A broad spectrum of light is transmitted through a transparent, small hand piece which is gently moved over the skin. Cut-off filters in the hand piece alter the wavelength range allowing it to be optimized for different application and skin types. The light penetrates the tissue and get absorbed either by the blood when treating vascular lesions or by the melanin when dealing with pigmented lesions damaging them. The injured tissues are removed through natural processes of your body and thus, you get a youthful skin!

Photofacial is a full-face treatment. It mainly consist of:

• 4 to 6 treatments at an interval of three weeks.
• Broad spectrum light in the visible and near infrared range (515 nm to 1200 nm).

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With each snap, this skin treatment penetrates deep below the surface of your skin to deal with the issues at the source. A Photo facial treatment can make a difference in your appearance, provided you take multiple sessions.

Here are a few benefits of this Skin rejuvenation treatment:

• It does not hinder your lifestyle!

Each photo facial treatment last for 15 to 30 minutes only. You can get back to your daily routine just after the treatment; you need not to wait for some recovery time.
Although the number of sessions differs from person to person, it creates no hassle in your daily life.

• You get immediate results!

It has been surveyed that the patients experienced improvements in their skin just after the first treatment. People have a high degree of overall satisfaction with the results of this skin treatment.

• No need to run hospital again & again!

The best part of the Photo facial treatment is the convenience. This procedure is a non-invasive one and thus, there is no need to be hospitalized. You can set an appointment as per your daily schedule and get back when done. No need to be in hospital!

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Photo Facial Treatment- To Bring out a Different You!