Laser 360 is an exciting, pioneering skin rejuvenation treatment that offers you a younger, softer and beautiful skin.
The Laser 360 treatment is basically designed for the delicate skin of neck, face and chest. This aesthetic treatment is somewhat similar to Facelift, but without any downtime or discomfort. It is efficient to treat discolorations and fine lines and thus, give you a revitalized appearance, no matter you go to the best skin treatment center in Delhi or in any other part of the world.
How do Laser 360 treatment works?
With a revolutionary combination of three different light-based technologies, this innovative new skin treatment gives you a fresh look within 60 days.
• Skin Resurfacing: Laser 360 therapy is known for stimulating new collagens for growing and thus, it is efficient in improving the texture and tone of your skin for fighting against the wrinkles and fine lines.


• Skin Tightening: The Laser 360 acts on the loose skin around your nose, eyes and jaws so that you get youthful appearance once again. The skin tightening treatment uses near infrared light to discover deep heating in your body and thus facilitates the skin remodeling.

• Skin Color: The Laser 360 treatment in Delhi or other parts of the world removes superficial pigmented and vascular marks, even out the color of your skin and lower down the tiny broken blood vessels.

How long it takes for a treatment?
The procedure of Laser 360 treatment depends on your skin’s condition and your aesthetic goals. The laser treatments vary in time from each other. As you might choose the skin treatment that includes more than one of the Laser 360 Facelift technologies, the exact duration of the treatment varies. It is better to visit the best Skin treatment clinic in Delhi or other parts of the world to determine the actual time required.

Is the Laser 360 treatment safe?
Harmony XL System, the device that delivers Laser 360 treatment, is FDA approved and is found efficient for more than 60 aesthetic and medical applications. It is at the forward edge of laser and light technology and is capable of eradicating the skin imperfections and providing you with unbelievable results.
The system has been used for offering the best skin treatment in Delhi or other areas on Earth over thousand of patients. So, it is a safe skin treatment that enhances the color and texture of your skin.

How much does it cost?
The cost of a laser 360 treatment in Delhi or other regions of the world depends on the condition of your skin, the number of individual laser treatments you wish to have and the clinic as well as the location from where you are going to get the treatment.

Want to get the best Laser 360 treatment in Delhi?
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