Laser Tattoo removal technique is in trend! It is allowing people to get rid of their tattoos- no matter if the tattoos are new or old.
In this technique, an extremely hot and fast laser (also called Q-Switch laser or Ultra-short Pulse Laser) is used for the treatment. This laser works with a very narrow frequency. The laser heats the ink particles and break them into bite-sized chunks. These chunks are then eliminated from our body through a natural process.
Even though this process is gaining success all across the world, many people are struggling to go for it just because of some myths.
Here are the top myths that are hindering your path to a laser tattoo removal. Pay attention to them and clear your doubts.

#1: Laser Tattoo Removal leaves a Scar
It is a false statement! The laser that is used for tattoo removal targets the secondary layer of your skin. It pierces the top layer of the skin- the one that have the color pigment of your skin, and concentrates on the ink of the tattoo only. Thus, there is less chance of getting any scar with the laser.
There are various forms of tattoo removal like Intense Lightening which causes scarring, but the Laser tattoo removal is the safest one.

#2: Tattoo can be removed by the Cream
This is completely fake! Wrecking balm and other creams used for removing tattoo are useless. They may fade away the tattoo, but cannot let you get rid of the tattoo. This is because the creams cannot reach far enough to target the skin’s secondary to access the tattoo ink and thus, remove the tattoo completely.
In fact, there are chances that the creams eat away your skin along with the ink of the tattoo.

#3: It is tough to remove the Black Ink!
This is wrong! According the science, the black ink used in the tattoo has the least amount of additives and is absorbed by all wavelengths. Thus, it is easy to remove. Whereas, the colored inks are more challenging and mostly demand for more sessions.

#4: Newer the Tattoo, more Easy it is to be Removed!
This is not true! In fact, Older tattoos are easy to remove as compared to the newer ones. The fresh, new tattoos need a couple of weeks to settle and let the skin heal.
So, if you have an older tattoo, don’t get moved by this myth. Rather go for a laser tattoo removal treatment. Your tattoo would get removed with a few sessions.

#5: It is quite impossible to remove a tattoo from Dark/ Black Skin!
This statement is, again, false. The laser targets the ink and leave less damage to the skin. The dark, black skin might take more time, but the tattoo removal is possible.

#6: Tattoo removal is dangerous!
If you also believe so, it’s time to change your thoughts. Laser tattoo removal is completely safe! The lasers used for the treatment are regulated by the FDA. Thousands of people get their tattoos removed every year. That shows that this technique is not dangerous.
But, of course, you have to pay an attention while choosing a tattoo removal provider. Go through the experience and background history of the doctor or laser technician, check out the rating and reviews of the doctor or the clinic where he works.

So, now when you are aware of the reality of these myths, go for a laser tattoo removal.

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Top Myths that Deter Your Path to a Laser Tattoo Removal!