full body laser hair removal in delhi

Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

You might have gone through tedious waxing, stinky chemicals, waxing or shaving your body to get an escape from the unwanted hair. But, no more! It's time to go with the most-effective full body laser hair removal treatment.

What is Laser Hair Reduction & how it works?

It is a proven hair removal treatment for both men and women. This treatment is fast, easy and gives you the desired result! In this procedure, the laser is made to fall on the hair follicles of the targeted area. The hair pigment (Melanin) gets stimulated by the light, which soon get transformed into heat energy and heat up the surface of melanin. It invades the small blood vessels that feeds the hair follicles. In the absence of this, the hair growth ceases. Thus, you can find no more hair on that very body part. However, it takes 4 to 6 sessions (sometimes two more).

What are the benefits of Laser Hair removal Treatment?

If you are puzzled whether to have laser hair removal or not, just have a look at the following benefits of full body laser hair removal in Delhi:

  • Smoother Skin: Yes, you can have smoother, hair-free skin without struggling with razors, waxing kits and shaving creams!
  • Faster procedure: Laser can target a large body part at a time. Thus, you can get your full body hair removal in time lesser than expected. Enjoy the perks of technology!
  • Durable outcomes: Waxing and Shaving irritates since they do not give long lasting beauty! But, it is not so with laser hair removal treatment. As laser targets the roots and ceases their growth, you can have a sexy, hair-free body for a much longer time!

How to get ready for the laser hair reduction treatment?

It is a medical treatment and so has to be performed only by the certified and proficient physicians. Otherwise, you might encounter with the worst results.

Your skin reflects everything it undergoes! So, don't rush to any decision without being sured! Keep in mind that you go to the doctors having a vast experience in providing successful full body laser hair removal treatment. Do visit the clinic, clear your doubts with the consultants, check the credentials of the physician, have a talk with the previous patients, and so on. At our clinic, we have the certified and experienced dermatologists who administer the cosmetic treatments like Full body laser hair removal.

We suggest you avoid all hair removal procedures for at least four weeks before the your treatment. Also, keep your skin protected from the harmful sunrays. This would help in giving better results.

What about the cost of the full body Laser Hair Removal?

Cost varies from clinic to clinic with respect to the quality of treatment, size of the targeted area, number of sessions. To get an estimation of how much would it cost to get a full body hair removal in south Delhi. Book your free consultation!

Why Choose Us?

At DermaClinix, we provide the best laser hair removal in Delhi. We have the latest equipment (soprano ice, soprano pro and harmony), experienced dermatologists and a positive atmosphere- everything that can provide you services beyond your expectations! We are known for dealing with all the skin and hair problems successfully!

We do not limit our services to natives of Delhi, but welcomes patients from all over the world to enjoy our cost-effective full body laser hair removal in Delhi.