Facial Rejuvenation Treatment in south delhi

Best Facial Rejuvenation Treatment in South Delhi

Laser facial rejuvenation treatment removes the dull, damaged and unevenly pigmented skin, and gives you a youthful skin appearance. It is a great option to treat sun damage, scars, wrinkles, and other such skin blemishes.

How does it work?

During this facial rejuvenation procedure, a high-energy laser light is penetrated through the targeted skin. This light is absorbed by water and other substances present in the skin and converted into heat energy. These heat radiations vaporize the thin sections of skin- layer by layer. This is why this laser treatment is also called Laser Peeling. The skin is cooled down in between and the damaged tissues are removed during this laser treatment for face.

What about the Facial Rejuvenation Results?

A fresh, smooth and more even skin tone can be achieved by this laser skin rejuvenation treatment. We, at DermaClinix, has the finest team of dermatologists and use the most innovative equipment, with which we give the best results of facial rejuvenation in Delhi/NCR.

How many sessions are required?

Since the results are not permanent, you have to take repeated laser treatments. The number of treatments you have to take depends merely on your present skin condition, size of the area to be treated, and the expected results. We recommend a consultation with experts to know further!

How much Laser Rejuvenation cost?

The cost of this facial rejuvenation treatment depends on the extent of damage your skin have undergone. Call us today or BOOK APPOINTMENT to find the real cost!

We, at DermaClinix, are always here to provide you the best laser facial rejuvenation treatment in Delhi NCR!