Laser/Light therapy for Melasma

If you are suffering from Melasma, i.e., the brown (or gray-brown) patches on your cheeks, lips, chin, forehead and other parts of your face, get our Melasma laser treatment today!

What is Laser/Light Therapy for Melasma?

At DermaClinix, we use a Q-switched laser for melasma treatment. During this procedure, the laser radiations are made to fall on the melasma affected skin. This causes melanin particles to break down into small fragments. These tiny particles are then absorbed into the blood stream and removed naturally by your body's natural filtering system.

What are the results observed?

The results will not be observed immediately; it might take some weeks or months to find significant improvements in your skin condition. You might experience a reddish or pink tint for a few hours after this treatment for melasma. You may also feel some stinging sensation around the targeted area, which will reduce within 6-12 hours. The patient can also face a mild swelling after the procedure, which again, will fade away in a few hours. If these changes continue for a long, rush to your concerned doctor.

How many sessions are required?

Since the results cannot be obtained in a single treatment, you have to undergo various sessions. The number of sessions required depends on the condition of the area to be treated, the technique used, the experience of the doctor and the expected results. To know how many sessions you need to get cure from melasma, consult with our doctors now!

How much this melasma removal treatment cost?

The cost of laser/light therapy for melasma depends on various factors like the size of the area to be treated, the expected result, the number of sessions required, the technique & equipment used, etc. To find the price of melasma laser treatment in Delhi, give us a call now!

DermaClinix is renowned as the best melasma treatment center in Delhi. Our doctors are highly-qualified, experienced and use the world-class laser machines to ensure that you get the best possible results, with minimal discomfort.