Ultrasound Therapy for Sagging Skin

Ultherapy or Ultrasound therapy is a cosmetic procedure, used to improve moderately sagging skin. The process involves using ultrasound energy below the skin surface to promote production of collagen, which is a natural protein that maintains the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Why opt for ultrasound therapy for sagging skin?

In general, ultrasound therapy works wonders for the skin area on the brow, under the chin and neck. It is also a non-surgical technique, which can be performed at the clinic. It is also among the best known techniques in the medical world, today.

Things to know

The doctor will first clean the treatment area and use an ultrasound gel. Next, a smooth handpiece will be placed on the area, following which focused ultrasound energy on decided depth within the tissue below the skin surface. The process bypasses the skin surface to promote collagen growth by targeting the structuring skin tissues. The procedure lasts anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes, and the patient may have some discomfort when the energy is delivered.

What are the possible risks?

As with medical and cosmetic procedures, there are a few risks, which can be reduced when the case has been undertaken by an experienced doctor. These risks include

  • Temporary redness around the area
  • Mild swelling around the area
  • Sense of tenderness.

What are the costs?

Generally, laser resurfacing is taken as a cosmetic procedure, and hence, insurance doesn’t cover the same. The costs are dependent on the location of the procedure and the size of the treatment area, among other factors.

Getting prepared for the procedure

The doctor will conduct a physical exam and oversee the medical history of the patient. The doctor will also discuss the expectations and risks with the patient, and will also address all possible concerns. Generally, no extra preparation is needed, but the doctor may suggest a few medicines to reduce the pain before the session.

Things to expect after the procedure

Typically, patients may notice a few things in the treat area, including

  • Temporary flushed skin
  • Mild swelling for the next few days
  • Mild swelling for the next few days
  • Sense of numbness, which is temporary.

Usually, most patients just need one session of ultrasound therapy for sagging skin, but sometimes, more sessions may be needed, depending on how the skin reacts to the therapy. There may be immediate effects worth noticing, but the lifting and toning of the skin area may take some time, which can be two to three months. More changes can be witnessed after six months, and the effects can last for a year. Further follow-up sessions may be undertaken as needed.